Ambedkar Jayanthi Celebrations, 2021-2022

““Be educated, Be organised and Be agitated. Cultivation of the mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.”
– Dr. B.R Ambedkar

Happy Independence Day!

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, also called Babasaheb Ambedkar, was one of the most prominent figures of the 20th century. An Indian jurist, economist, politician, leader, and social reformer- Dr. Ambedkar headed the drafting committee of the Constitution of India. Hence, he is also called the father of the Indian Constitution. The 104th Ambedkar Jayanthi was celebrated with great zest and exuberance at NPS Hosur Road on 14th April 2022 at 8:00a.m in the school premises. The dawn of the day saw teachers paying their respect to the leader by offering flowers. Keeping in mind the unprecedented contribution to various fields, the staff of NPS HRD honoured the great leader by quoting a poem by Mrs. Kaveri which showcased his principles. This was followed by an inspirational speech by Mrs. Kaveri which threw light on recounting the life, struggle, and achievements of Ambedkar contributing as lifelong learners. As it takes immense courage, faith, and belief to go against the 'common' flow and create something anew. One such extraordinarily brave individual in the recent history of our country is Dr. B.R Ambedkar. The assembly was concluded by urging everyone to uphold and practice the values by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and positively impact and contribute as global citizens.