National Public School, Hosur Road


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National Public School, Hosur Road, focuses on the holistic development of children to create better, intelligent citizens of the future by taking a multifaceted approach toward the education of your child which encompasses academics but goes beyond it also to include practical skills, sports, arts, culture, and technological skills. Combined with a well-researched CBSE syllabus, it creates a potent combination that will shall help your child excel.

Advantages of learning with National Public School, Hosur Road

Activity-based education

We let our students learn by doing.

Deep understanding of concepts

We use innovative teaching methodologies to cultivate a deep understanding of concepts in our students.

Smart classrooms

Your children benefit from the latest innovation to facilitate the whole learning process.

State-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure

Our school boasts state-of-art labs to help children learn through experimentation.

Learn together

We encourage an environment of healthy collaboration in the learning process among our students.

Public speaking skills

We consider this crucial and try to develop them in all our students.

Sentimental education

We focus on making our students emotionally equipped to take on any challenge.

Art and culture

We constantly encourage students to participate in various art and cultural activities.

A safe space you can trust your students to

Our school provides an environment conducive not only to learning but also keeping students safe from any malicious elements and influences.

Best faculty in the city

We take pride in being home to the best faculty in Bangalore.

What will students learn with us?

Montessori and Kindergarten

Most child psychologists agree that these are the most defining years for children. Our school uses a system developed by Dr Maria Montessori to help students find their way to education through various activities from which they can choose with their own will. It is a specially designed environment where students can move freely and try their hands at multiple activities or collaborate to learn.

Primary Education

The years of primary education are when students first come in contact with various concepts they must learn and develop throughout their academic career and then apply them in real life. Therefore, we build a deep understanding of the concepts using CBSE's syllabus and innovative teaching methodologies rather than mere rote learning.

Secondary and Higher Education

CBSE has an incremental system to their education system so that the students start with what they already know and learn new concepts. Our innovative teaching methodologies ensure that the concepts students learn in their books have a real-life connection. Further, we also encourage our students in co-scholastic areas like arts, physical education, and life skills. Finally, as children enter adolescence, we ensure they are emotionally well-equipped to deal with the changes it will introduce.

Senior Years

These are the years when students must opt for a stream based on their interests, ambitions, and aptitude. Student counselling is provided to help students find out their best options and decide accordingly. At National Public School, Hosur Road, we offer two broad streams – the Science and Commerce streams. There are several options in both of them regarding subjects and career choices.

NPS Hosur Road – One of the best CBSE schools in Electronic City, Bangalore

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, boasts of some excellent schools, but National Public School, Hosur Road, stands out among the best CBSE schools in Bangalore south for its unique focus on an integrated approach to education and its ability to create some of the best- contributing members of the society.

Best CBSE schools in Bangalore south with a well-rounded syllabus

Often education is considered equivalent to academics, but that is a very limiting notion of education. As one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Bangalore south, NPS Hosur Road takes a more holistic view of education and divides it into two programs.

Scholastic Programme

This covers academic subjects. CBSE syllabus is one of the most well-researched and smartly developed in the country. While traditional education focuses only on the rotten learning of concepts that must seem alien to a child's education, our innovative approach helps students learn and understand various concepts by integrating them better into their everyday world.

Students are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, and develop critical thinking. Smart classrooms benefit from digital technologies. Students are encouraged to give presentations and discuss various topics studied in class.

Co-scholastic Programme

We are one the best CBSE affiliated schools in Bangalore regarding the co-scholastic program. Our co-scholastic approach helps us take a 360-degree approach toward your children's education. While this program's scope is unlimited, some of the key areas we focus on are music, arts, culture, public speaking, sports, and life skills. All of them are needed to help students develop skills and the cognitive framework that allow them to handle their present and future problems.

The program also helps discover and give talent to the hidden talents of children. Additionally, arts and public thinking encourage students to express themselves and their ideas better.

Most learned faculty from the best CBSE affiliated schools in Bangalore

Teachers are an essential part of a child's education system. They shall spend several hours with your child, and your child will learn not only from what they instruct them to do but also how they behave. As one of the top CBSE schools in electronic city Bangalore, we have a very stringent approach toward selecting our teachers.

As a result, the teachers at NPS Hosur Road have both a more intricate knowledge of their syllabus and an excellent understanding of child psychology.

National Public School, Hosur Road – the best of everything since your child deserves nothing less

National Public School, Hosur Road has also invested heavily in the infrastructure, which is unparalleled in the best CBSE affiliated schools in Bangalore. From spacious and well-ventilated classrooms to well- equipped science and computer labs, from a library with an extensive range of books to playgrounds, we have everything you can expect from one of the top CBSE schools in electronic city Bangalore and much more.