Affiliated to CBSE, Govt. of India, New Delhi vide Affiliation No. 831234
Affiliated to CBSE, Govt. of India,
New Delhi vide Affiliation No. 831234

Naada Haaba Dasara Celebration, 2022-2023

‘Wisdom like Ganesha is what we all must desire’

To seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, Ganesha Chaturthi was celebrated by the students of National Public School, Hosur Road, Electronic City, Bengaluru with incredible zeal and enthusiasm. In preparation for the auspicious day, students of grades 1 and 2 coloured and decorated pictures of Ganesha. They were told the story of the birth of Ganesha and how he got his elephant head

Students of grades 3 and 4 made adorable colourful Ganesha with play-doh. Students of grades 6 and 7 decorated their bulletin boards with ornamental themed decorations and charts, images and pictures of Lord Ganesha. Students of grades 8 and 9 made eco-friendly Ganesha with clay. The Ganapathi sthapana was done on 30th August by the respected Principal in the school quadrangle. It was an eco-friendly hand-made clay Ganapathi. The teachers sang hymns praising Gajanana, asking his blessings, and thanking him.

The students partook in the celebration on 1st September 2022. Students across grades 1 to 9 sang prayer songs - shakthi sahitha ganapatim, bomma bomma tha tiaya taiya, mudakratha modakam, mooshika vahana modaka hastha - to name a few. This was followed by the Aarthi by the Principal and the Vice-Principal. Then prasad of Channa Sundal, made by the teachers, was distributed among the the staff and students. Students relished the home-made prasad, asking for third and fourth helpings too. The students then paid their respects to the Vignahartha by each bowing down to him. They received blessings by getting the tilak from the Vice-Principal.

The atmosphere was filled with devotion and positivity. Just as Ganesha Chaturthi was celebrated before Independence to unite the people, the celebration at school saw students and staff all coming together as one to seek the blessings of the Lord and enjoy the hymns and prasad. The festival also helped students connect to our Indian culture and enable them to appreciate and understand the significance of the festival.