Fire and Evacuation Drill, 2022

Karnataka State Fire And Emergency Services officials visited National Public School, Hosur Road on June 23rd 2022 for a Mock fire drill and Fire Safety Seminar. The event started with a Mock fire drill in which the all the students and staff of NPS HRD evacuated the building and assembled in the safe assembly area well within 3 mins. This mock fire drill was followed by a presentation by the Senior Fire Officer Mr. Manjunath S. He spoke about the components of a fire, ways to save oneself and others in case of a smoke, and in case of catching fire. The live demonstrations of the rescue methods, use of fire extinguishers and ingenious ways to put off fires, with students and staff as volunteers, drove home the message effectively. Students enjoyed the hands-on learning.

The officer shared the emergency service number to call in case of fires and procedure involved in initiating a rescue. It was an eye-opener to know that the department was involved in not just rescues related to fires but also those related to natural calamities and motor accidents. The presentation ended with fire officers demonstrating the use of the fire truck through its various types of spraying techniques, which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

The aim of event was to raise awareness among students and staff on how to respond instantly in times of such emergencies. It was also to ensure that the evacuation procedures were known and understood by staff and students.