End of year activities - Montessori 2022

The month of March had many events to celebrate. The story telling event by the Juniors saw the children narrating story of the honest wood cutter, thristy crow, lion and the mouse, golden egg and many more with ease and finesse. Few children came dressed as a character in their story with apt props and narrated the story with great enthusiasm keeping the audience engrossed.

Another event for the Juniors was the Talents day, in which children exhibited their talents by reciting slokas, performing dance, doing hand-painting also trying their hand at cookery by making a vegetable roll. Everyone was amazed to watch these multi-talented munchkins !

The Fresher ended the year with fancy dress where the little ones came dressed in variety of unusual costumes - a bird, hand-wash, doctor, Lord Krishna, Commando and their favourite characters like Barbie, Elsa and Wonder woman. The show was indeed a treat to watch!

Finally, the celebration of Holi added colour to the month with children making colourful craft and playing with colours.