Founder's Day 2023

The spirit of self-faith and discovery symbolized the beginning of the fifth year. Founder's Day at NPS Hosur Road is a testament to the indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment of its founders. This annual celebration not only pays tribute to the vision and legacy of the founders, but also reinforces the values and ideals upon which the institution was built.

NPS Hosur road celebrated its 5th Founder’s Day on 19 June 2023, in lieu of 17 June, with a special assembly and Inter house Basketball match. The special assembly on 16 June was attended by the founders Mrs. Usha Mahesh Reddy, Director Principal and Managing Trustee, Mr. Mahesh Reddy. The Vice Principal Ms. Nirmala Mohan introduced the first team of teachers and expostulated on the inspiring intentions of the Founders in launching the school. While addressing the assembly, Ms. Usha Mahesh Reddy expressed immense pleasure in the exemplary growth of the school, thanked the teachers and non-teaching staff and introduced the first batch of students too. On 19 June the Inter house Basket Ball match was witnessed by all. It communicated the enthusiastic faith in diligence and sharing exhibited by the Management. After a competitive struggle, Challengers won the coveted Founder’s Day trophy, defeating team Pioneers, who had to stay in the second position. Teams Explorers and Voyagers shared the third position.