Parent-Teacher collaboration in Early Learning (Kindergarten)

A child is a bundle of energy... this when rightly channelised, propels the child towards positive growth".

The resourceful team of teachers, supportive team of parents and an energized team of kids is what makes our sessions an effective communication system for the teaching-learning process.

Beyond just concentrating on the basic alphabets or numbers, this year we introduce greater awareness to the learning experience of every single child. The activities and formulated keeping in mind the need for feeding the growing inquisitiveness of the child. Enhancement of their coordination movements, gross motor skills and fine motor skills are being developed through our activity-based education system.

Teachers have put forward the academic syllabus in the most efficient and child-friendly manner. This is deeply imparted into a child's mind by their active involvement in every session. The parents rejoice as they too participate predominately in all the classes.

The idea is reformed into customized working patterns which is ultimately transformed into substantial teaching learning process. Children, play, learn and have fun in every single online class.

Applauds to all the team of teacher, our technical team, our parents and our key players - our raising little champions... we are proud of our children...

Keep up the spirits...!

Kindergarten Team